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    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Move Project#rename_repo to a service class · a8f8af2f9d3f
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This moves the logic of Project#rename_repo and all methods _only_ used
      by this method into a new service class: Projects::AfterRenameService.
      By moving this code into a separate service class we can more easily
      refactor it, and we also get rid of some RuboCop "disable" statements
      During the refactoring of this code, I removed most of the explicit
      logging using Gitlab::AppLogger. The data that was logged would not be
      useful when debugging renaming issues, as it does not add any value on
      top of data provided by users.
      I also removed a variety of comments that either mentioned something the
      code does in literal form, or contained various grammatical errors.
      Instead we now resort to more clearly named methods, removing the need
      for code comments.
      This method was chosen based on analysis in
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/release/framework/issues/28. In this issue
      we determined this method has seen a total of 293 lines being changed in
      it. We also noticed that RuboCop determined the ABC size
      (https://www.softwarerenovation.com/ABCMetric.pdf) was too great.
  8. 19 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Bob Van Landuyt's avatar
      Remove the `ForkedProjectLink` model · b055a9ce0a40
      Bob Van Landuyt authored
      This removes the `ForkedProjectLink` model that has been replaced by
      the `ForkNetworkMember` and `ForkNetwork` combination. All existing
      relations have been adjusted to use these new models.
      The `forked_project_link` table has been dropped.
      The "Forks" count on the admin dashboard has been updated to count all
      `ForkNetworkMember` rows and deduct the number of `ForkNetwork`
      rows. This is because now the "root-project" of a fork network also
      has a `ForkNetworkMember` row. This count could become inaccurate when
      the root of a fork network is deleted.
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    • Stan Hu's avatar
      Delete a container registry asynchronously · a34e01c3bd16
      Stan Hu authored
      When a container registry has many tags, it's easy for the DELETE call to take more
      than 60 seconds and fail. This can also leave the registry in a bad state with
      null bytes since some of the images have been deleted with tags still pointing to them.
      In addition, we have to prevent users from accidentally initiating the delete multiple
      times or this could leave the registry with orphaned tags.
      This commit also adds a flash message to notify the user the registry is scheduled
      for deletion.
      Closes #49926, #51063
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    • Zeger-Jan van de Weg's avatar
      Add repository languages for projects · fc85a3572af6
      Zeger-Jan van de Weg authored
      Our friends at GitHub show the programming languages for a long time,
      and inspired by that this commit means to create about the same
      Language detection is done through Linguist, as before, where the
      difference is that we cache the result in the database. Also, Gitaly can
      incrementaly scan a repository. This is done through a shell out, which
      creates overhead of about 3s each run. For now this won't be improved.
      Scans are triggered by pushed to the default branch, usually `master`.
      However, one exception to this rule the charts page. If we're requesting
      this expensive data anyway, we just cache it in the database.
      Edge cases where there is no repository, or its empty are caught in the
      Repository model. This makes use of Redis caching, which is probably
      already loaded.
      The added model is called RepositoryLanguage, which will make it harder
      if/when GitLab supports multiple repositories per project. However, for
      now I think this shouldn't be a concern. Also, Language could be
      confused with the i18n languages and felt like the current name was
      suiteable too.
      Design of the Project#Show page is done with help from @dimitrieh. This
      change is not visible to the end user unless detections are done.
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