1. 14 Jun, 2016 2 commits
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  5. 08 Jun, 2016 3 commits
    • Sean McGivern's avatar
      Allow custom text on 'almost there' page · 2570b96b651e
      Sean McGivern authored
      Add a new application setting, after_sign_up_text. This is text to be
      rendered as Markdown and shown on the 'almost there' page after a user
      signs up, but before they've confirmed their account.
      Tweak the styles for that page so that centered lists look reasonable.
    • Alejandro Rodríguez's avatar
      Fix pseudo n+1 queries with Note and Note Authors in issuables APIs · f2b94053dcdf
      Alejandro Rodríguez authored
      This was not a clear cut n+1 query, given that if you're directly subscribed to all issues
      that the API is returning you never really need to check for the notes. However, if you're
      subscribed to _all_ of them, then for each issuable you need to go once to `notes`, and
      once to `users` (for the authors). By preemtively loading notes and authors, at worst you have
      1 extra query, and at best you saved 2n extra queries. We also took advantage of this preloading
      of notes when counting user notes.
    • Alejandro Rodríguez's avatar
      Remove `projects` inclusion in `notes_with_associations` to skip some unnecessary queries · 8afcc028b35e
      Alejandro Rodríguez authored
      `notes_with_associations` are used for `participant` declarations, but `Participable`
      only really cares about the target entity project, and not the participants
      `notes_with_associations` are also used in `Commit::has_been_reverted?` which
      employs the reference extractor of the commit, so no references to the notes
      projects are made there (`Mentionable::all_references` cares only about the
      `author` and other `attr_mentionable`). A paralel situation occurs on
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