1. 30 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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  4. 23 Aug, 2019 3 commits
    • Scott Hampton's avatar
      Change misleading pipeline status tooltip · 96816f8685a1
      Scott Hampton authored
      Some pipeline status icon tooltips were showing
      "Commit: ..." which customers found to be
      misleading since it was not the commit that was
      failing but the pipeline.
      We are changing all status icon tooltips to say
      "Pipeline: ..." instead of "Commit: ..." now.
    • Stan Hu's avatar
      Remove N+1 SQL query loading project feature in dashboard · 6a00e9b88331
      Stan Hu authored
      Projects that have a pipeline may need to check whether the user has
      permission to read the build (`can?(current_user, :read_build,
      project)`), which requires checking the `project_features` table.
      This would cause an N+1 SQL query for each project.
      This change also has a beneficial side effect that may avoid a race
      condition. When a user deletes a project, the project is queued for
      deletion and the user is redirected back to the dashboard page. However,
      the following may happen:
      1. The dashboard page may load this deleted project in the list of
      20 projects.
      2. The view will load the project pipeline status from the cache and
      attempt to show each project.
      3. When the view encounters the deleted project, it calls
      `can?(current_user, :read_build, project)` to determine whether to
      display the pipeline status.
      4. Sidekiq deletes the project from the database.
      5. However, since the deleted project is still loaded in memory, it will
      attempt to call `project.project_feature.access_level`.
      6. Since `project_feature` was not eager loaded, a lazy `SELECT` call is
      made to the database.
      7. This `SELECT` call returns nothing, and the user sees a 500 error.
      By eager loading `project_feature`, we can ensure that we have a
      consistent view and avoid records from being deleted later.
      Closes https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/66482
    • Winnie Hellmann's avatar
      Hide duplicate board list while dragging · 55d7e7257fca
      Winnie Hellmann authored
  5. 22 Aug, 2019 2 commits
    • Denys Mishunov's avatar
      Always pre-select "Start a new merge request" · 6c78baf652c6
      Denys Mishunov authored
      One exception: there is an existing MR for the current branch and the
      branch is non-default and non-protected.
      Extended mock_data for ide/stores to have different types of branches:
      default, protected and regular
      Cleaned new MR checkbox view
    • Scott Hampton's avatar
      Update GitHub CI/CD import page to use PAT only · 0108513ab8ba
      Scott Hampton authored
      Oauth2 tokens are causing issues with mirroring
      repos, because it effectively limits the number
      of repos you can mirror. Personal Access
      Tokens do not have this problem.
      This change removes the OAuth2 option from
      the import page for CI/CD only, and only
      provides the personal access token form.
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    • Markus Koller's avatar
      Load search result counts asynchronously · 7371a8fe2092
      Markus Koller authored
      Querying all counts for the different search results in the same request
      led to timeouts, so we now only calculate the count for the *current*
      search results, and request the others in separate asynchronous calls.
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