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    • Kamil Trzciński's avatar
      Add config_options|variables to BuildMetadata · 2ec8bcf6063b
      Kamil Trzciński authored
      These are data columns that store runtime configuration
      of build needed to execute it on runner and within pipeline.
      The definition of this data is that once used, and when no longer
      needed (due to retry capability) they can be freely removed.
      They use `jsonb` on PostgreSQL, and `text` on MySQL (due to lacking
      support for json datatype on old enough version).
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Support CURD operation for release asset links · 7b2ba8f93c91
      Shinya Maeda authored
      - Add Releases::Links model
      - Expose it in release API
      - Add integration tests
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    • Alessio Caiazza's avatar
      Add name, author and sha to releases · 1d2319685e1a
      Alessio Caiazza authored
      This commit adds a name to each release, defaulting it to tag name,
      keeps track of the SHA when a new release is created and tracks the
      current user as release author.
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    • Zeger-Jan van de Weg's avatar
      Add repository languages for projects · fc85a3572af6
      Zeger-Jan van de Weg authored
      Our friends at GitHub show the programming languages for a long time,
      and inspired by that this commit means to create about the same
      Language detection is done through Linguist, as before, where the
      difference is that we cache the result in the database. Also, Gitaly can
      incrementaly scan a repository. This is done through a shell out, which
      creates overhead of about 3s each run. For now this won't be improved.
      Scans are triggered by pushed to the default branch, usually `master`.
      However, one exception to this rule the charts page. If we're requesting
      this expensive data anyway, we just cache it in the database.
      Edge cases where there is no repository, or its empty are caught in the
      Repository model. This makes use of Redis caching, which is probably
      already loaded.
      The added model is called RepositoryLanguage, which will make it harder
      if/when GitLab supports multiple repositories per project. However, for
      now I think this shouldn't be a concern. Also, Language could be
      confused with the i18n languages and felt like the current name was
      suiteable too.
      Design of the Project#Show page is done with help from @dimitrieh. This
      change is not visible to the end user unless detections are done.
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    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Introduce new ProjectCiCdSetting · 748b19fa2048
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This model and the corresponding table will be used for storing settings
      specific to CI/CD, starting with the "group_runners_enabled" boolean.
      The model is called ProjectCiCdSetting and not ProjectCiCdSettings. The
      project exporter doesn't like plural model names as it uses "classify"
      which turns those into singular (so "ProjectCiCdSettings" becomes
      "ProjectCiCdSetting", producing an error if said class is undefined).
      The initial work in this commit was done by Dylan Griffith, with most of
      the migration work being done by Yorick Peterse.
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    • Sean McGivern's avatar
      Remove serialised diff and commit columns · 701b9ccc8a4b
      Sean McGivern authored
      The st_commits and st_diffs columns on merge_request_diffs historically held the
      YAML-serialised data for a merge request diff, in a variety of formats.
      Since 9.5, these have been migrated in the background to two new tables:
      merge_request_diff_commits and merge_request_diff_files. That has the advantage
      that we can actually query the data (for instance, to find out how many commits
      we've stored), and that it can't be in a variety of formats, but must match the
      new schema.
      This is the final step of that journey, where we drop those columns and remove
      all references to them. This is a breaking change to the importer, because we
      can no longer import diffs created in the old format, and we cannot guarantee
      the export will be in the new format unless it was generated after this commit.