1. 06 May, 2019 7 commits
    • Ezekiel Kigbo's avatar
      Added blank lines to meet style guide · 5c1437e23f6e
      Ezekiel Kigbo authored
      Un-nest title variable output
      Update spec test names
      Rename sort_value_most_stars -> sort_value_stars_desc
      Rename sorted_by_stars -> sorted_by_stars_desc
      Renname sort_value_most_stars_asc -> sort_value_stars_asc
      Invert feature check, assign feature condition to a variable
      Inline conditional nav bar rendering
      Invert conditional label
      Added follow up task
      Fix filters returning 0 projects show the wrong view
      Move click action out of test expectation
      Use proper variable name for project in before block
      Rename projects_sort_admin_options_hash
      Renamed projects_sort_admin_options_has to
      old_projects_sort_options_hash as its not only used
      on the admin screen
      Fix extra whitespace errors
      Stub project_list_filter_bar in the projects_helper specs
      Added follow up task for `show_projects?`
      Removed url test expectations
    • Ezekiel Kigbo's avatar
      Update project list specs · f190400ce167
      Ezekiel Kigbo authored
      Add tests to ensure search only executes with a button click or enter,
      sort by Name, Last updated, Created date and Stars and tests for
      Visibility filter
    • Luke Bennett's avatar
      Destroy repo mirrors instead of disabling them · 479756d948e5
      Luke Bennett authored
      It is important to destroy data related to repo mirrors when they are
      Use `_destroy` nested attribute instead of `enabled` for push mirrors.
      Call `remove_import_data` after saving a project if its pull mirror is
    • Krasimir Angelov's avatar
      Implement support for CI variables of type file · 1c1cbf90271b
      Krasimir Angelov authored
      Add env_var and file as supported types for CI variables. Variables of
      type file expose to users existing gitlab-runner behaviour - save
      variable value into a temp file and set the path to this file in an ENV
      var named after the variable key.
      Resolves https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/46806.
    • Patrick Bajao's avatar
      Fix uploading of LFS tracked file through UI · ccdfcb917475
      Patrick Bajao authored
    • Nick Thomas's avatar
      Remove cleaned up OIDs from database and cache · 7fcb5a3048b5
      Nick Thomas authored
    • Shinya Maeda's avatar
      Fix merge request pipeline exist method · 195d44e639a8
      Shinya Maeda authored
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