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      Allow setting content for resolutions · 0483c1e6acbc
      Sean McGivern authored
      When reading conflicts:
      1. Add a `type` field. `text` works as before, and has `sections`;
         `text-editor` is a file with ambiguous conflict markers that can only
         be resolved in an editor.
      2. Add a `content_path` field pointing to a JSON representation of the
         file's content for a single file.
      3. Hitting `content_path` returns a similar datastructure to the `file`,
         but without the `content_path` and `sections` fields, and with a
         `content` field containing the full contents of the file (with
         conflict markers).
      When writing conflicts:
      1. Instead of `sections` being at the top level, they are now in a
         `files` array. This matches the read format better.
      2. The `files` array contains file hashes, each of which must contain:
         a. `new_path`
         b. `old_path`
         c. EITHER `sections` (which works as before) or `content` (with the
            full content of the resolved file).
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