1. 11 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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  4. 05 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      Make Spinach test names consistent · 9e0cdc5f1e42
      Ciro Santilli authored
      - do not add Feature to feature titles
      - titleize feature titles
      - put steps on the same path as .feature files
      - make feature titles match their path
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  10. 18 Jul, 2013 2 commits
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      MR on fork: Email fixes, style fixes · e16520773d49
      Izaak Alpert authored
      -Removed many extra spaces I added
      -Fixed email templates to be consistent/better looking
      GITLAB-894, GITLAB-895, (GITLAB-858)
      Change-Id: I35c1a8e0e22af7de26d54e5c3da987fa7bb3921e
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      Merge Request on forked projects · b4f243f95099
      Izaak Alpert authored
      The good:
       - You can do a merge request for a forked commit and it will merge properly (i.e. it does work).
       - Push events take into account merge requests on forked projects
       - Tests around merge_actions now present, spinach, and other rspec tests
       - Satellites now clean themselves up rather then recreate
      The questionable:
       - Events only know about target projects
       - Project's merge requests only hold on to MR's where they are the target
       - All operations performed in the satellite
      The bad:
        -  Duplication between project's repositories and satellites (e.g. commits_between)
      (for reference: http://feedback.gitlab.com/forums/176466-general/suggestions/3456722-merge-requests-between-projects-repos)
      Make test repos/satellites only create when needed
      -Spinach/Rspec now only initialize test directory, and setup stubs (things that are relatively cheap)
      -project_with_code, source_project_with_code, and target_project_with_code now create/destroy their repos individually
      -fixed remote removal
      -How to merge renders properly
      -Update emails to show project/branches
      -Edit MR doesn't set target branch
      -Fix some failures on editing/creating merge requests, added a test
      -Added back a test around merge request observer
      -Clean up project_transfer_spec, Remove duplicate enable/disable observers
      -Ensure satellite lock files are cleaned up, Attempted to add some testing around these as well
      -Signifant speed ups for tests
      -Update formatting ordering in notes_on_merge_requests
      -Remove wiki schema update
      Fixes for search/search results
      -Search results was using by_project for a list of projects, updated this to use in_projects
      -updated search results to reference the correct (target) project
      -udpated search results to print both sides of the merge request
      Change-Id: I19407990a0950945cc95d62089cbcc6262dab1a8
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