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      Remove Sentry reporting for query limiting · 2127fd95a0be
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Using Sentry, while useful, poses two problems you have to choose from:
      1. All errors are reported separately, making it easy to create issues
         but also making it next to impossible to see other errors (due to the
         sheer volume of threshold errors).
      2. Errors can be grouped or merged together, reducing the noise. This
         however also means it's (as far as I can tell) much harder to
         automatically create GitLab issues from Sentry for the offending
      Since both solutions are terrible I decided to go with a third option:
      not using Sentry for this at all. Instead we'll investigate using
      Prometheus alerts and Grafana dashboards for this, which has the added
      benefit of being able to more accurately measure the behaviour over
      Note that throwing errors in test environments is still enabled, and
      whitelisting is still necessary to prevent that from happening (and that
      in turn still requires that developers create issues).
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      Revert problematic LDAP person validation that threw exceptions · bd1c63417f8c
      Drew Blessing authored
      Constructors shouldn't throw exceptions. We also learned that
      different LDAP servers behave a bit unexpectedly sometimes -
      returning attributes we didn't ask for, or returned attributes
      with language subtypes.
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