1. 05 Jul, 2017 3 commits
  2. 04 Jul, 2017 2 commits
  3. 03 Jul, 2017 5 commits
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      Also remove null character · a29641a50c04
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      Follow feedback on the merge request · cf8f3a429b34
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      Fix various descriptions given the feedback · 61058a8006b1
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      Give project to the dummy pipeline · 2287422d57aa
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 32815--Add-Custom-CI-Config-Path · c9ae2e4fa33a
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      * upstream/master: (39 commits)
        Fix rubocop offenses
        Make entrypoint and command keys to be array of strings
        Add issuable-list class to shared mr/issue lists to fix new responsive layout
        New navigation breadcrumbs
        Restore timeago translations in renderTimeago.
        Automatically hide sidebar on smaller screens
        Fix typo in IssuesFinder comment
        Remove placeholder note when award emoji slash command is applied
        Make setSidebarHeight more efficient with SidebarHeightManager.
        Update CHANGELOG.md for 9.3.3
        Resolve "More actions dropdown hidden by end of diff"
        Use Gitaly 0.14.0
        Improve support for external issue references
        Make issuables_count_for_state public
        Only verifies top position after the request has finished to account for errors
        Clarify counter caching for users without project access
        Make finders responsible for counter cache keys
        Add changelog entry for issue / MR tab counting optimisations
        Don't count any confidential issues for non-project-members
        Cache total issue / MR counts for project by user type
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  5. 30 Jun, 2017 26 commits