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    • Gabriel Mazetto's avatar
      Refactored AfterRenameService to reduce coupling · 80c6425fe68e
      Gabriel Mazetto authored
      We still rely on the Dirty API for project rename (before/after) values,
      but we don't access the dirty api from the service class anymore.
      The previous value is now part of the initialization, which makes it
      easier to test and the behavior is clearer.
      The same was done with the `rename_repo` on the Storage classes, we now
      provide before and after values as part of the method signature.
  5. 27 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Zeger-Jan van de Weg's avatar
      Rename the Repository table to PoolRepository · 61f8a37f4b1a
      Zeger-Jan van de Weg authored
      To separate the different kinds of repositories we have at GitLab this
      table will be renamed to pool_repositories. A project can, for now at
      least, be member of none, or one of these. The table will get additional
      columns in a later merge request where more logic is implemented for the
      Further included is a small refactor of logic around hashing ids for the
      disk_path, mainly to ensure a previous implementation is reusable.
      The disk_path for the pool_repositories table no longer has a NOT NULL
      constraint, but given the hashing of the ID requires the DB to assign
      the record an ID, an after_create hook is used to update the value.
      A related MR is:
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/merge_requests/23143, adding
      tables for 'normal' repositories and wiki_repositories.
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