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    • Fabio Pitino's avatar
      CE port for pipelines for external pull requests · 8eb4ed3504e3
      Fabio Pitino authored
      Detect if pipeline runs for a GitHub pull request
      When using a mirror for CI/CD only we register a pull_request
      webhook. When a pull_request webhook is received, if the
      source branch SHA matches the actual head of the branch in the
      repository we create immediately a new pipeline for the
      external pull request. Otherwise we store the
      pull request info for when the push webhook is received.
      When using "only/except: external_pull_requests" we can detect
      if the pipeline has a open pull request on GitHub and create or
      not the job based on that.
    • Cédric Tabin's avatar
      New interruptible attribute supported in YAML parsing. · a735d7a7a2f1
      Cédric Tabin authored
      Since it is not possible to dynamically detect if a job is automatically
      cancellable or not, a this new attribute is necessary. Moreover, it let
      the maintainer of the repo to adjust the behaviour of the auto cancellation
      feature to match exactly what he needs.
    • Kerri Miller's avatar
      Add structure to support EE feature of COAR · 11360c7c9b8b
      Kerri Miller authored
      These are the structural changes for supporting the EE feature of moving
      "code_owner_approval_required" state from existing on a project to being
      on the protected branches individually, allowing for CODEOWNER
      validation on push events.
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    • Andreas Brandl's avatar
      Remove Users.support_bot column · 3e69e5746188
      Andreas Brandl authored
      This column is not present in `db/schema.rb` and hence needs to be
      removed conditionally.
      See for background
    • Andreas Brandl's avatar
      Replace indexes for counting active users · 3946568f0331
      Andreas Brandl authored
      This adjusts the partial condition for an index. The index is intended
      to be used when counting active users with `ghost IS NOT TRUE AND
      bot_type IS NULL`.
      With the current index, this wasn't working as the partial condition
      didn't match the query: `ghost <> TRUE` is not semantically equivalent
      to `ghost IS NOT TRUE` (null semantics).
      The reason we add an index particularly intended for EE is that the EE
      query is going to have the additional part `AND bot_type IS NULL`
      whereas the CE query doesn't. Logically, it'd be enough to have an index
      for `ghost IS NOT TRUE`. However, on, the query planner makes
      poor choices when the additional `AND bot_type IS NULL` part is present:
      It goes for the index on `bot_type` and doesn't use the partial index.
      Note the existing index isn't being used at all according to
      index statistics. Hence we can first remove it and don't have to worry
      about the window of time without an index.
      Relates to
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