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      Prevent EE backport migrations from running if CE is not migrated · 5f9123687348
      Stan Hu authored
      If a user upgraded to any GitLab 11.x EE version but switched
      back to CE, it's possible the state of the EE tables are not
      in the right state for the EE backport migration to work properly.
      In particular, there were three tables that had trouble:
      * epics
      * geo_event_log
      * vulnerability_feedback
      The EE backport migration would fail while trying to add foreign key
      constraints because a key didn't exist in the table. This happens
      because any EE migration that add or removed columns between v11.0.0 and
      v11.11.3 are not guaranteed to be applied in an CE installation. The EE
      backport schema does not individually backport these migrations.
      We now check if certain columns are present to determine whether
      the backport migration is in the proper state. CE users are required
      to upgrade to v11.11.3 EE if they ever installed EE previously before
      they can go back to v12.x CE.
      Tested via:
      git checkout -f v11.0.0-ee
      bundle exec rake db:reset
      git checkout .; git checkout -f v11.11.3
      bundle exec rake db:migrate
      git checkout .; git checkout -f v12.0.0
      bundle exec rake db:migrate
      <failure happens>
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