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      Implement review comments from @DouweM. · c4db5053c1e4
      Timothy Andrew authored
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      Fix branch protection API. · 725b33423311
      Timothy Andrew authored
      1. Previously, we were not removing existing access levels before
         creating new ones. This is not a problem for EE, but _is_ for CE,
         since we restrict the number of access levels in CE to 1.
      2. The correct approach is:
          CE -> delete all access levels before updating a protected branch
          EE -> delete developer access levels if "developers_can_{merge,push}" is switched off
      3. The dispatch is performed by checking if a "length: 1" validation is
         present on the access levels or not.
      4. Another source of problems was that we didn't put multiple queries in
         a transaction. If the `destroy_all` passes, but the `update` fails,
         we should have a rollback.
      5. Modifying the API to provide users direct access to CRUD access
         levels will make things a lot simpler.
      6. Create `create/update` services separately for this API, which
         perform the necessary data translation, before calling the regular
         `create/update` services. The translation code was getting too large
         for the API endpoint itself, so this move makes sense.
  13. 20 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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      Differentiate the expire from leave event · f0cad1cadc69
      Callum Dryden authored
      At the moment we cannot see weather a user left a project due to their
      membership expiring of if they themselves opted to leave the project.
      This adds a new event type that allows us to make this differentiation.
      Note that is not really feasable to go back and reliably fix up the
      previous events. As a result the events for previous expire removals
      will remain the same however events of this nature going forward will be
      correctly represented.
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      Add markdown cache columns to the database, but don't use them yet · af001f6c6325
      Nick Thomas authored
      This commit adds a number of _html columns and, with the exception of Note,
      starts updating them whenever the content of their partner fields changes.
      Note has a collision with the note_html attr_accessor; that will be fixed later
      A background worker for clearing these cache columns is also introduced - use
      `rake cache:clear` to set it off. You can clear the database or Redis caches
      separately by running `rake cache:clear:db` or `rake cache:clear:redis`,
  17. 04 Oct, 2016 2 commits
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      Simplify Mentionable concern instance methods · 3deb637c8640
      Paco Guzman authored
      We remove some arguments that are rarely used or 
      used just to simplify setups on specs.
      Modified Mentionable#create_new_cross_references method 
      we don’t need to calculate previous references to avoid the 
      duplication because we do that at database level when 
      creating references extracted from the current entity state.
      MergeRequests won’t create cross_references for commits that are included so we change a spec to use a different merge request to make references to commits to other branches
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