1. 05 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      post merge pipeline and environments status · 3a57f2959510
      Alessio Caiazza authored
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      Associate clusters model to groups · b80979c5afa4
      Thong Kuah authored
      Even though we currently only should have one group for a cluster, we
      allow the flexibility to associate to other groups in the future.
      This also matches the runner <=> groups association.
      - Adds Cluster#first_group, aliased to Cluster#group. For the
      conceivable future, a cluster will have at most one group.
      - Prevent mixing of group and project clusters. If project type
      clusters, it should only have projects assigned.  Similarly with groups.
      - Default cluster_type to :project_type. As it's very small table we can
      set default and null: false in one release.
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      Alias the lfs_enabled method · 976a87eb74be
      Cindy Pallares authored
      We currently check for `project.lfs_enabled` to display
      the state of lfs being enabled/disabled, but this is set to nil by
      default, even when lfs is enabled.
      Aliasing the method to #lfs_enabled? will return the correct state.
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      Add Clusters::KubernetesNamespace model · 5d8ff79d7014
      Mayra Cabrera authored
      This model will be used to persist into database Kubernetes properties,
      such as namespace, service account name and service account token.
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      Backport rescue in Project#import_url from EE · 44195c4e3513
      Yorick Peterse authored
      EE added a `rescue` to the method Project#import_url, which could cause
      merge conflicts when changing this method. This commit backports those
      changes to CE, reducing the chances of running into a merge conflict.
    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Move Project#rename_repo to a service class · a8f8af2f9d3f
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This moves the logic of Project#rename_repo and all methods _only_ used
      by this method into a new service class: Projects::AfterRenameService.
      By moving this code into a separate service class we can more easily
      refactor it, and we also get rid of some RuboCop "disable" statements
      During the refactoring of this code, I removed most of the explicit
      logging using Gitlab::AppLogger. The data that was logged would not be
      useful when debugging renaming issues, as it does not add any value on
      top of data provided by users.
      I also removed a variety of comments that either mentioned something the
      code does in literal form, or contained various grammatical errors.
      Instead we now resort to more clearly named methods, removing the need
      for code comments.
      This method was chosen based on analysis in
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/release/framework/issues/28. In this issue
      we determined this method has seen a total of 293 lines being changed in
      it. We also noticed that RuboCop determined the ABC size
      (https://www.softwarerenovation.com/ABCMetric.pdf) was too great.
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      Do not raise error when checking pipeline reference · 975e6e140317
      Grzegorz Bizon authored
      Return from the `Ci::Pipeline#ref_exists?` in case when there is no
      repository present.
      This also fixes pipeline page feature specs by changing pipeline
      reference instead of stubbing `ref_exist?` method.
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      Support licenses and performance · f86c354e289d
      Kamil Trzciński authored
      This introduces a new syntax for all licenses and performance jobs:
          performance: performance.json
          license_management: gl-license-management-report.json
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      Use cached readme blobs where appropriate · 69e4502ca2c3
      Nick Thomas authored
      GitLab keeps a cache of the rendered HTML for a repository's README as
      stored in the HEAD branch. However, it was not used in all
      circumstances. In particular, the new blob viewer framework bypassed
      this cache entirely.
      This MR ensures a ::ReadmeBlob is returned instead of a ::Blob when
      asking a repository for an individual blob, if the commit and path
      match the readme for HEAD. This makes the cached HTML available to
      consumers, including the blob viewer.
      The ReadmeBlob is a simple delegator to the Blob, so should be
      compatible in all cases. Adding the rendered_markdown method is the
      only additional behaviour it contains.
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      Moving state_count to Milestone model and related tests · 4d523ad37885
      Eagllus authored
      By moving and improving state_count the functions in GlobalMilestone
      are no longer used.
    • Nick Thomas's avatar
      Harden the wiki against missing last_versions · ab48490c25e1
      Nick Thomas authored
      Currently, we assume a "last_version" always exists for a wiki page.
      In production, this is not always true. So, guard uses of it with a
      null check.
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      Allow JIRA to login using email and API token · e54bbfd55b89
      Felipe Artur authored
    • George Tsiolis's avatar
      Remove prometheus configuration help text · 34467aa7f936
      George Tsiolis authored
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