Commit 945ccd67d40 by Georges Racinet

Added tag heptapod-0.7.1 for changeset 7792054c6e9a

branch : heptapod-0-7
parent 7792054c6e9
......@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ e8df491c9ef40d2a5fccf74bf7a4526a39eee01a heptapod-0.6.0
0f34099053b472f651265f41f6acf588b52e1981 heptapod-0.6.1
834b8fc51a2e242b89633520047137f0cd9c12e7 heptapod-0.6.2
0af8fe834b35fcef8fe6e7afbce919fbb690a2a4 heptapod-0.7.0
7792054c6e9a6da7ce33a5f2371eaa0ebe60fdc8 heptapod-0.7.1
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