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      CI: testing against hg 5.2 only in the heptapod-0-8 branch · 13b98fb10030
      Georges Racinet authored
      Heptapod 0.8.x will have at most one more support version, that
      won't be for hg 5.3, and then we'll get rid of that fork altogether,
      except maybe just as a support for our specific tags, if we
      can't use released versions.
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      tag heptapod-0.12.0rc1, not using the heptapod branch anymore · 142f1ff80261
      Georges Racinet authored
      From Heptapod 0.12.0.rc1 onwards, we don't need any specific code
      in hg-git and will rely on the default branch instead.
      From this version, this whole fork becomes useful only to add specific
      tags for Heptapod. The next move would be to synchronize to released
      hg-git versions, so that we can install them directly from PyPI
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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  11. 23 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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      Added tag heptapod-0.12.0.dev0 for changeset a525050936cb · ba863ccf78e8
      Georges Racinet authored
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      Partial implementation of GitLab 12 strategy · a525050936cb
      Georges Racinet authored
      The idea is that we won't send topic prunes in cases that
      could be Merge Request manual merging. The Git post-receive
      content should then be enough for the Rails App to understand
      what's happening, and prune the Git branch for the topic itself.
      This is a crude approximation, in which we don't prune anything
      anymore, but that's enough to develop against, and to prepare
      in advance for installation of the future Heptapod 0.12.0.
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      Tightening GitLab hook calls · ee33954855d4
      Georges Racinet authored
      We should not get unexpected errors, the skip conditions
      through environment variables now make sure of that.
      The pre-receive hook potentially performs some sanity
      checks that are interesting beyond mere permission questions
      that should be granted already in the context in which we're
      We allow errors in post-receive, though, because there isn't
      anything useful left to be prevented. User will get feedback
      branch : heptapod-0-8
  20. 14 Jan, 2020 3 commits
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      Don't fail if a hidden revision is among the exportable · 0065e483bd3a
      Georges Racinet authored
      As the comment just above says, 'mapped revisions might
      be hidden'. And indeed, if for whatever reason we have
      an exportable revision, it's silly to fail at this point
      This closes heptapod#158, in which case it happens for
      a changeset from previous transaction that gets pruned
      in the current one.
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      Fixed log prefix for method that has been split out · a3ef1cf29995
      Georges Racinet authored
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      Special case for initial imports · 43b343d14963
      Georges Racinet authored
      This is the main part of heptapod#160.
      In a sequel, we might even do a direct `git push --all`
      with the system-wide git executable
      The heptapod extension will set up this flag from its
      own config item, that we're not using directly because
      that leads to warnings if hg-git is used without the heptapod
      extension, which is the case in tests, making as many test
      branch : heptapod-0-8
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      Merge from heptapod-0-8 branch · ee0f4519cd71
      Georges Racinet authored
      Nothing really specific to 0.8 that should not be in the main branch.
      And this should fix the CI of this branch.
      branch : heptapod
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