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    MercurialRepositoryService, initial definition · c2b6480dbea2
    Georges Racinet authored
    This is the first definition of Mercurial (or Heptapod)
    gRPC methods. It takes the form of a dedicated service,
    in a separate `hgitaly` protobuf package.
    ## About the separate package
    The protobufs `package` directive translates directly into a
    the module name in Ruby generated code. This doesn't happen with
    Python because Python modules and packages names are derived from
    the file system layout, wich is obviously out of control of the
    code generation.
    Upstream's Ruby generated code is packaged in a separate gem,
    historically from the `gitaly-proto` project, and soon to be
    built from the bundled proto files within Gitaly. We are not
    not going to fork either of those, and hence we need our own
    At some point, we may also need to generate a Go library,
    which require a `option go_package` statement that we couldn't
    provide right away because it means choosing the appropriate
    full path (see examples in upstream GitLab proto files).
    A consequence of u...
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