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doc: HGitaly specific protocol and language libraries

also adapted the Gitaly protocol upgrade procedure to
avoid removing the HGitaly specific `proto` files.
I don't honestly remember why this `rm` was there. Could have been
general concern in case an upstream proto file actually has
to disappear (not likely, we'll deal it manually if that happens)
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......@@ -189,7 +189,6 @@
Example in a HDK context:
rm protos/*.proto
cp ../gitaly/proto/*.proto protos/ # we dont want the `go` subdir
......@@ -199,6 +198,50 @@
5. perform necessary `hg add` after close inspection of `hg status`
## Updating the HGitaly specific gRPC protocol
This package defines and implements an additional gRPC protocol, with
gRPC services and methods that are specific to Mercurial, or more generally
### Protocol specification
The sources are `proto` files in the `protos/` directory, same as for the
Gitaly protocol.
They distinguish themselves by this declaration:
package hgitaly;
Each time a change is made to the protocol, the libraries for all
provided programming languages have to be regenerated and committed, ideally
together with the protocol change.
### Python library
It has a special status, being versioned together with the protocol and the
server implementation. It is provided as the [hgitaly.stub](hgitaly/stub)
The Python stubs are produced by the same script that takes care of Gitaly
`proto` files:
### Ruby library
See [the separate documentation](ruby/
### Other languages
A Go library will probably be necessary quite soon for Workhorse or perhaps
Heptapod Shell.
A Rust library would be nice to have
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