Commit 4b88b3c4 authored by Kevin Bullock's avatar Kevin Bullock
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downloads: initialize downloader from sources.js earlier

c65b81353b8f inadvertently broke the /downloads page by moving the call
to Downloader.init(sources) later in the rendering process, after the
downloads list has already been written. As a stopgap, we introduce an
earlier call to initialize the versions before attempting to render the
list. Future changes will move this inline script into an onload
parent c65b81353b8f
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
<h1>Mercurial downloads</h1>
<script language="javascript">
var versions = Downloader.versions();
var more = Downloader.maxversions &&
versions.length > Downloader.maxversions;
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