Commit 2813a34b authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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fetch-watch-tags: more accurate option name to create issues

Indeed, it can create several issues. Kept the old spelling
not to bother with updating service/timer etc.
parent 0af94ce2df10
...@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ ...@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@
parser.add_argument("--gitlab-repo", default='gitlab-ce', parser.add_argument("--gitlab-repo", default='gitlab-ce',
help="Path to GitLab CE Git repo, relative " help="Path to GitLab CE Git repo, relative "
"to this script location") "to this script location")
parser.add_argument("--create-issue", action='store_true') parser.add_argument("--create-issue", "--create-issues",
parser.add_argument("--heptapod-token", parser.add_argument("--heptapod-token",
default='~/.gitlab-release-watcher.token') default='~/.gitlab-release-watcher.token')
parser.add_argument("--heptapod-server", parser.add_argument("--heptapod-server",
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