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README: push instructions

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Check also `convert-pull-local --help` for interesting options.
The stable branches are displayed by `convert-pull-local`,
push them explicitely. Example:
hg -R heptapod-rails push -fB 13-9-stable
### For Omnibus
Its almost 10 times smaller than the main repository, but that could still
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./convert-pull-local --gitlab-repo omnibus-gitlab --heptapod-repo omnibus-heptapod
Example push:
hg -R omnibus-heptapod push -fB 13-9-stable
### For other components
These are small enough that converting everything is a good option.
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hg pull ../gitlab-shell
Push the converted branches only. Examples:
hg -R heptapod-shell push -fB 13-16-stable
hg -R heptapod-development-kit push -fB main
## Conversion of Git tags into Mercurial tags
For each converted Mercurial repositories, run the `convert-git-tags-push`
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