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Heptapod 0.17.0 announcement

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Heptapod 0.17.0 released, featuring GitLab 13.4 and Git projects
:date: 2020-11-20
:slug: heptapod-0.17.0
.. _hashed storage:
We're glad to announce the final release of Heptapod
0.17.0, based on GitLab 13.4 (security updates until
December 22th, 2020), with 3 technology previews, including Git
Heads up: all projects get migrated to the `hashed storage`_.
Major changes in installation from source, see
Many thanks to all the people that contributed to this release.
Heptapod 0.17.0 can be installed as a
`Docker image
`from source
The full changelog is available as usual `alongside the sources
<>`_. It
has a separate section for changes since Heptapod 0.17.0rc1.
Summary of technology previews
Many more details, including screenshots, are provided in the
`0.17.0rc1 announcement </heptapod-0170rc1-released-with-3-tech-previews.html#heptapod-0170rc1-released-with-3-tech-previews>`_.
- Git projects: the feature is still too fresh and not enough tested to
be declared ready for production. User feedback will be important here,
as we don't use Git a lot. Don't hesitate to `tell us about it </pages/contact-us.html>`_
- Mercurial native projects: still very incomplete, but we reached an
important milestone. We may elaborate more on them in a forthcoming
developer blog post.
You are welcome to activate the feature on *testing servers* only.
Do not put any such native project on a production
installation unless you are a knowledgeable developer of Heptapod.
- Omnibus deployments: Debian packages for Ubuntu 16.04 are
available, tested in Docker context only. Please contact us if you want to
know more about them and help us validate them for general use.
Happy heptapoding!
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