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remove obsolete script

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Author: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
# Cron job that synchronizes head with release branch.
# Needs fetch hg extension.
# Add "hgext.fetch=" to [extensions] section of ~/.hgrc
. ~/.bashrc
if [ -n "$SF_LOGIN" ]; then
SYNC_MSG="auto merge from release branch"
function fail()
echo "$1" >&2
exit 2
cd $HEAD || fail "Could not cd to $HEAD"
# update
hg pull -q -u || fail "Error updating from master; aborting sync"
# sync
hg fetch -q --switch-parent -m "$SYNC_MSG" $BRANCH || fail "Error pulling or merging branch changes; aborting sync"
# push to master verbosely, but only if there is something to push
hg outgoing -q > /dev/null && hg outgoing && hg push -q
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