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section "Format of a submission"
text {*
Submission should be by email to \texttt{afp-submit at} and contain
the following:
\item Title, authors, and abstract.
The abstract should be in plain text or plain html (no images/styles).
\item A short name that will become the directory name of the
\item The Isabelle theories: a tar.gz file with the theory files,
a ROOT file, and a document directory.
The theories should work with the current release of Isabelle.
Each theory file should include a header comment like the one
in this theory.
\item A statement whether you would like to release your submission
under the BSD or the LGPL license.
The submission of the example you are reading is at
Submission should be via the web page @{url ""}.
The tar file submission of the example you are reading is at
@{url ""}.
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