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theory Error_Monad_Add
(* TODO: Move *)
abbreviation "assert_opt \<Phi> \<equiv> if \<Phi> then Some () else None"
definition "lift_opt m e \<equiv> case m of Some x \<Rightarrow> Error_Monad.return x | None \<Rightarrow> Error_Monad.error e"
lemma lift_opt_simps[simp]:
"lift_opt None e = error e"
"lift_opt (Some v) e = return v"
by (auto simp: lift_opt_def)
(* TODO: Move *)
lemma reflcl_image_iff[simp]: "R\<^sup>=``S = S\<union>R``S" by blast
named_theorems return_iff
lemma bind_return_iff[return_iff]: "Error_Monad.bind m f = Inr y \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>x. m = Inr x \<and> f x = Inr y)"
by auto
lemma lift_opt_return_iff[return_iff]: "lift_opt m e = Inr x \<longleftrightarrow> m=Some x"
unfolding lift_opt_def by (auto split: option.split)
lemma check_return_iff[return_iff]: "check \<Phi> e = Inr uu \<longleftrightarrow> \<Phi>"
by (auto simp: check_def)
lemma check_simps[simp]:
"check True e = succeed"
"check False e = error e"
by (auto simp: check_def)
lemma Let_return_iff[return_iff]: "(let x=v in f x) = Inr w \<longleftrightarrow> f v = Inr w" by simp
abbreviation ERR :: "shows \<Rightarrow> (unit \<Rightarrow> shows)" where "ERR s \<equiv> \<lambda>_. s"
abbreviation ERRS :: "String.literal \<Rightarrow> (unit \<Rightarrow> shows)" where "ERRS s \<equiv> ERR (shows s)"
lemma error_monad_bind_split: "P (bind m f) \<longleftrightarrow> (\<forall>v. m = Inl v \<longrightarrow> P (Inl v)) \<and> (\<forall>v. m = Inr v \<longrightarrow> P (f v))"
by (cases m) auto
lemma error_monad_bind_split_asm: "P (bind m f) \<longleftrightarrow> \<not> (\<exists>x. m = Inl x \<and> \<not> P (Inl x) \<or> (\<exists>x. m = Inr x \<and> \<not> P (f x)))"
by (cases m) auto
lemmas error_monad_bind_splits =error_monad_bind_split error_monad_bind_split_asm
section \<open>Soundness theorem for the STRIPS semantics\<close>
text \<open>We prove the soundness theorem according to ~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}.\<close>
theory Lifschitz_Consistency
imports PDDL_STRIPS_Semantics
text \<open>States are modeled as valuations of our underlying predicate logic.\<close>
type_synonym state = "(predicate\<times>object list) valuation"
context ast_domain begin
text \<open>An action is a partial function from states to states. \<close>
type_synonym action = "state \<rightharpoonup> state"
text \<open>The Isabelle/HOL formula @{prop \<open>f s = Some s'\<close>} means
that \<open>f\<close> is applicable in state \<open>s\<close>, and the result is \<open>s'\<close>. \<close>
text \<open>Definition B (i)--(iv) in Lifschitz's paper~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}\<close>
fun is_NegPredAtom where
"is_NegPredAtom (Not x) = is_predAtom x" | "is_NegPredAtom _ = False"
definition "close_eq s = (\<lambda>predAtm p xs \<Rightarrow> s (p,xs) | Eq a b \<Rightarrow> a=b)"
lemma close_eq_predAtm[simp]: "close_eq s (predAtm p xs) \<longleftrightarrow> s (p,xs)"
by (auto simp: close_eq_def)
lemma close_eq_Eq[simp]: "close_eq s (Eq a b) \<longleftrightarrow> a=b"
by (auto simp: close_eq_def)
abbreviation entail_eq :: "state \<Rightarrow> object atom formula \<Rightarrow> bool" (infix "\<Turnstile>\<^sub>=" 55)
where "entail_eq s f \<equiv> close_eq s \<Turnstile> f"
fun sound_opr :: "ground_action \<Rightarrow> action \<Rightarrow> bool" where
"sound_opr (Ground_Action pre (Effect add del)) f \<longleftrightarrow>
(\<forall>s. s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= pre \<longrightarrow>
(\<exists>s'. f s = Some s' \<and> (\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<and> atm \<notin> set del \<and> s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= atm \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= atm)
\<and> (\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<and> atm \<notin> set add \<and> s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not atm \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not atm)
\<and> (\<forall>fmla. fmla \<in> set add \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= fmla)
\<and> (\<forall>fmla. fmla \<in> set del \<and> fmla \<notin> set add \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= (Not fmla))
\<and> (\<forall>fmla\<in>set add. is_predAtom fmla)"
lemma sound_opr_alt:
"sound_opr opr f =
((\<forall>s. s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= (precondition opr) \<longrightarrow>
(\<exists>s'. f s = (Some s')
\<and> (\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<and> atm \<notin> set(dels (effect opr)) \<and> s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= atm \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= atm)
\<and> (\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<and> atm \<notin> set (adds (effect opr)) \<and> s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not atm \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not atm)
\<and> (\<forall>atm. atm \<in> set(adds (effect opr)) \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= atm)
\<and> (\<forall>fmla. fmla \<in> set (dels (effect opr)) \<and> fmla \<notin> set(adds (effect opr)) \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= (Not fmla))
\<and> (\<forall>a b. s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Atom (Eq a b) \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Atom (Eq a b))
\<and> (\<forall>a b. s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not (Atom (Eq a b)) \<longrightarrow> s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= Not (Atom (Eq a b)))
\<and> (\<forall>fmla\<in>set(adds (effect opr)). is_predAtom fmla))"
by (cases "(opr,f)" rule: sound_opr.cases) auto
text \<open>Definition B (v)--(vii) in Lifschitz's paper~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}\<close>
definition sound_system
:: "ground_action set
\<Rightarrow> world_model
\<Rightarrow> state
\<Rightarrow> (ground_action \<Rightarrow> action)
\<Rightarrow> bool"
"sound_system \<Sigma> M\<^sub>0 s\<^sub>0 f \<longleftrightarrow>
((\<forall>fmla\<in>close_world M\<^sub>0. s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= fmla)
\<and> wm_basic M\<^sub>0
\<and> (\<forall>\<alpha>\<in>\<Sigma>. sound_opr \<alpha> (f \<alpha>)))"
text \<open>Composing two actions\<close>
definition compose_action :: "action \<Rightarrow> action \<Rightarrow> action" where
"compose_action f1 f2 x = (case f2 x of Some y \<Rightarrow> f1 y | None \<Rightarrow> None)"
text \<open>Composing a list of actions\<close>
definition compose_actions :: "action list \<Rightarrow> action" where
"compose_actions fs \<equiv> fold compose_action fs Some"
text \<open>Composing a list of actions satisfies some natural lemmas: \<close>
lemma compose_actions_Nil[simp]:
"compose_actions [] = Some" unfolding compose_actions_def by auto
lemma compose_actions_Cons[simp]:
"f s = Some s' \<Longrightarrow> compose_actions (f#fs) s = compose_actions fs s'"
proof -
interpret monoid_add compose_action Some
apply unfold_locales
unfolding compose_action_def
by (auto split: option.split)
assume "f s = Some s'"
then show ?thesis
unfolding compose_actions_def
by (simp add: compose_action_def fold_plus_sum_list_rev)
text \<open>Soundness Theorem in Lifschitz's paper~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}.\<close>
theorem STRIPS_sema_sound:
assumes "sound_system \<Sigma> M\<^sub>0 s\<^sub>0 f"
\<comment> \<open>For a sound system \<open>\<Sigma>\<close>\<close>
assumes "set \<alpha>s \<subseteq> \<Sigma>"
\<comment> \<open>And a plan \<open>\<alpha>s\<close>\<close>
assumes "ground_action_path M\<^sub>0 \<alpha>s M'"
\<comment> \<open>Which is accepted by the system, yielding result \<open>M'\<close>
(called \<open>R(\<alpha>s)\<close> in Lifschitz's paper~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}.)\<close>
obtains s'
\<comment> \<open>We have that \<open>f(\<alpha>s)\<close> is applicable
in initial state, yielding state \<open>s'\<close> (called \<open>f\<^sub>\<alpha>\<^sub>s(s\<^sub>0)\<close> in Lifschitz's paper~\cite{lifschitz1987semantics}.)\<close>
where "compose_actions (map f \<alpha>s) s\<^sub>0 = Some s'"
\<comment> \<open>The result world model \<open>M'\<close> is satisfied in state \<open>s'\<close>\<close>
and "\<forall>fmla\<in>close_world M'. s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= fmla"
proof -
have "(valuation M' \<Turnstile> fmla)" if "wm_basic M'" "fmla\<in>M'" for fmla
using that apply (induction fmla)
by (auto simp: valuation_def wm_basic_def split: atom.split)
have "\<exists>s'. compose_actions (map f \<alpha>s) s\<^sub>0 = Some s' \<and> (\<forall>fmla\<in>close_world M'. s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= fmla)"
using assms
proof(induction \<alpha>s arbitrary: s\<^sub>0 M\<^sub>0 )
case Nil
then show ?case by (auto simp add: close_world_def compose_action_def sound_system_def)
case ass: (Cons \<alpha> \<alpha>s)
then obtain pre add del where a: "\<alpha> = Ground_Action pre (Effect add del)"
using ground_action.exhaust ast_effect.exhaust by metis
let ?M\<^sub>1 = "execute_ground_action \<alpha> M\<^sub>0"
have "close_world M\<^sub>0 \<TTurnstile> precondition \<alpha>"
using ass(4)
by auto
moreover have s0_ent_cwM0: "\<forall>fmla\<in>(close_world M\<^sub>0). close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> fmla"
using ass(2)
unfolding sound_system_def
by auto
ultimately have s0_ent_alpha_precond: "close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> precondition \<alpha>"
unfolding entailment_def
by auto
then obtain s\<^sub>1 where s1: "(f \<alpha>) s\<^sub>0 = Some s\<^sub>1"
"(\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<longrightarrow> atm \<notin> set(dels (effect \<alpha>))
\<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> atm
\<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> atm)"
"(\<forall>fmla. fmla \<in> set(adds (effect \<alpha>))
\<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> fmla)"
"(\<forall>atm. is_predAtom atm \<and> atm \<notin> set (adds (effect \<alpha>)) \<and> close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> Not atm \<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> Not atm)"
"(\<forall>fmla. fmla \<in> set (dels (effect \<alpha>)) \<and> fmla \<notin> set(adds (effect \<alpha>)) \<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> (Not fmla))"
"(\<forall>a b. close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> Atom (Eq a b) \<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> Atom (Eq a b))"
"(\<forall>a b. close_eq s\<^sub>0 \<Turnstile> Not (Atom (Eq a b)) \<longrightarrow> close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> Not (Atom (Eq a b)))"
using ass(2-4)
unfolding sound_system_def sound_opr_alt by force
have "close_eq s\<^sub>1 \<Turnstile> fmla" if "fmla\<in>close_world ?M\<^sub>1" for fmla
using ass(2)
using that s1 s0_ent_cwM0
unfolding sound_system_def execute_ground_action_def wm_basic_def
apply (auto simp: in_close_world_conv)
by (metis (no_types, lifting) DiffE UnE a apply_effect.simps ground_action.sel(2) ast_effect.sel(1) ast_effect.sel(2) close_world_extensive subsetCE)
by (metis Diff_iff Un_iff a ground_action.sel(2) ast_domain.apply_effect.simps ast_domain.close_eq_predAtm ast_effect.sel(1) ast_effect.sel(2) formula_semantics.simps(1) formula_semantics.simps(3) in_close_world_conv is_predAtom.simps(1))
moreover have "(\<forall>atm. fmla \<noteq> formula.Atom atm) \<longrightarrow> s \<Turnstile> fmla" if "fmla\<in>?M\<^sub>1" for fmla s
have alpha: "(\<forall>s.\<forall>fmla\<in>set(adds (effect \<alpha>)). \<not> is_predAtom fmla \<longrightarrow> s \<Turnstile> fmla)"
using ass(2,3)
unfolding sound_system_def ast_domain.sound_opr_alt
by auto
then show ?thesis
using that
unfolding a execute_ground_action_def
using ass.prems(1)[unfolded sound_system_def]
by(cases fmla; fastforce simp: wm_basic_def)
moreover have "(\<forall>opr\<in>\<Sigma>. sound_opr opr (f opr))"
using ass(2) unfolding sound_system_def
by (auto simp add:)
moreover have "wm_basic ?M\<^sub>1"
using ass(2,3)
unfolding sound_system_def execute_ground_action_def
thm sound_opr.cases
apply (cases "(\<alpha>,f \<alpha>)" rule: sound_opr.cases)
apply (auto simp: wm_basic_def)
ultimately have "sound_system \<Sigma> ?M\<^sub>1 s\<^sub>1 f"
unfolding sound_system_def
by (auto simp: wm_basic_def)
from ass.IH[OF this] ass.prems obtain s' where
"compose_actions (map f \<alpha>s) s\<^sub>1 = Some s' \<and> (\<forall>a\<in>close_world M'. s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= a)"
by auto
thus ?case by (auto simp: s1(1))
with that show ?thesis by blast
text \<open>More compact notation of the soundness theorem.\<close>
theorem STRIPS_sema_sound_compact_version:
"sound_system \<Sigma> M\<^sub>0 s\<^sub>0 f \<Longrightarrow> set \<alpha>s \<subseteq> \<Sigma>
\<Longrightarrow> ground_action_path M\<^sub>0 \<alpha>s M'
\<Longrightarrow> \<exists>s'. compose_actions (map f \<alpha>s) s\<^sub>0 = Some s'
\<and> (\<forall>fmla\<in>close_world M'. s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= fmla)"
using STRIPS_sema_sound by metis
end \<comment> \<open>Context of \<open>ast_domain\<close>\<close>
subsection \<open>Soundness Theorem for PDDL\<close>
context wf_ast_problem begin
text \<open>Mapping world models to states\<close>
definition state_to_wm :: "state \<Rightarrow> world_model"
where "state_to_wm s = ({formula.Atom (predAtm p xs) | p xs. s (p,xs)})"
definition wm_to_state :: "world_model \<Rightarrow> state"
where "wm_to_state M = (\<lambda>(p,xs). (formula.Atom (predAtm p xs)) \<in> M)"
lemma wm_to_state_eq[simp]: "wm_to_state M (p, as) \<longleftrightarrow> Atom (predAtm p as) \<in> M"
by (auto simp: wm_to_state_def)
lemma wm_to_state_inv[simp]: "wm_to_state (state_to_wm s) = s"
by (auto simp: wm_to_state_def
state_to_wm_def image_def)
text \<open>Mapping AST action instances to actions\<close>
definition "pddl_opr_to_act g_opr s = (
let M = state_to_wm s in
if (wm_to_state (close_world M)) \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= (precondition g_opr) then
Some (wm_to_state (apply_effect (effect g_opr) M))
definition "close_eq_M M = (M \<inter> {Atom (predAtm p xs) | p xs. True }) \<union> {Atom (Eq a a) | a. True} \<union> {\<^bold>\<not>(Atom (Eq a b)) | a b. a\<noteq>b}"
lemma atom_in_wm_eq:
"s \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= (formula.Atom atm)
\<longleftrightarrow> ((formula.Atom atm) \<in> close_eq_M (state_to_wm s))"
by (auto simp: wm_to_state_def
state_to_wm_def image_def close_eq_M_def close_eq_def split: atom.splits)
lemma atom_in_wm_2_eq:
"close_eq (wm_to_state M) \<Turnstile> (formula.Atom atm)
\<longleftrightarrow> ((formula.Atom atm) \<in> close_eq_M M)"
by (auto simp: wm_to_state_def
state_to_wm_def image_def close_eq_def close_eq_M_def split:atom.splits)
lemma not_dels_preserved:
assumes "f \<notin> (set d)" " f \<in> M"
shows "f \<in> apply_effect (Effect a d) M"
using assms
by auto
lemma adds_satisfied:
assumes "f \<in> (set a)"
shows "f \<in> apply_effect (Effect a d) M"
using assms
by auto
lemma dels_unsatisfied:
assumes "f \<in> (set d)" "f \<notin> set a"
shows "f \<notin> apply_effect (Effect a d) M"
using assms
by auto
lemma dels_unsatisfied_2:
assumes "f \<in> set (dels eff)" "f \<notin> set (adds eff)"
shows "f \<notin> apply_effect eff M"
using assms
by (cases eff; auto)
lemma wf_fmla_atm_is_atom: "wf_fmla_atom objT f \<Longrightarrow> is_predAtom f"
by (cases f rule: wf_fmla_atom.cases) auto
lemma wf_act_adds_are_atoms:
assumes "wf_effect_inst effs" "ae \<in> set (adds effs)"
shows "is_predAtom ae"
using assms
by (cases effs) (auto simp: wf_fmla_atom_alt)
lemma wf_act_adds_dels_atoms:
assumes "wf_effect_inst effs" "ae \<in> set (dels effs)"
shows "is_predAtom ae"
using assms
by (cases effs) (auto simp: wf_fmla_atom_alt)
lemma to_state_close_from_state_eq[simp]: "wm_to_state (close_world (state_to_wm s)) = s"
by (auto simp: wm_to_state_def close_world_def
state_to_wm_def image_def)
lemma wf_eff_pddl_ground_act_is_sound_opr:
assumes "wf_effect_inst (effect g_opr)"
shows "sound_opr g_opr ((pddl_opr_to_act g_opr))"
unfolding sound_opr_alt
apply(cases g_opr; safe)
subgoal for pre eff s
apply (rule exI[where x="wm_to_state(apply_effect eff (state_to_wm s))"])
apply (auto simp: pddl_opr_to_act_def Let_def split:if_splits)
subgoal for atm
by (cases eff; cases atm; auto simp: close_eq_def wm_to_state_def state_to_wm_def split: atom.splits)
subgoal for atm
by (cases eff; cases atm; auto simp: close_eq_def wm_to_state_def state_to_wm_def split: atom.splits)
subgoal for atm
using assms
by (cases eff; cases atm; force simp: close_eq_def wm_to_state_def state_to_wm_def split: atom.splits)
subgoal for fmla
using assms
by (cases eff; cases fmla rule: wf_fmla_atom.cases; force simp: close_eq_def wm_to_state_def state_to_wm_def split: atom.splits)
subgoal for pre eff fmla
using assms
by (cases eff; cases fmla rule: wf_fmla_atom.cases; force)
lemma wf_eff_impt_wf_eff_inst: "wf_effect objT eff \<Longrightarrow> wf_effect_inst eff"
by (cases eff; auto simp add: wf_fmla_atom_alt)
lemma wf_pddl_ground_act_is_sound_opr:
assumes "wf_ground_action g_opr"
shows "sound_opr g_opr (pddl_opr_to_act g_opr)"
using wf_eff_impt_wf_eff_inst wf_eff_pddl_ground_act_is_sound_opr assms
by (cases g_opr; auto)
lemma wf_action_schema_sound_inst:
assumes "action_params_match act args" "wf_action_schema act"
shows "sound_opr
(instantiate_action_schema act args)
((pddl_opr_to_act (instantiate_action_schema act args)))"
OF wf_instantiate_action_schema[OF assms]]
by blast
lemma wf_plan_act_is_sound:
assumes "wf_plan_action (PAction n args)"
shows "sound_opr
(instantiate_action_schema (the (resolve_action_schema n)) args)
(instantiate_action_schema (the (resolve_action_schema n)) args)))"
using assms
using wf_action_schema_sound_inst wf_eff_pddl_ground_act_is_sound_opr
by (auto split: option.splits)
lemma wf_plan_act_is_sound':
assumes "wf_plan_action \<pi>"
shows "sound_opr
(resolve_instantiate \<pi>)
((pddl_opr_to_act (resolve_instantiate \<pi>)))"
using assms wf_plan_act_is_sound
by (cases \<pi>; auto )
lemma wf_world_model_has_atoms: "f\<in>M \<Longrightarrow> wf_world_model M \<Longrightarrow> is_predAtom f"
using wf_fmla_atm_is_atom
unfolding wf_world_model_def
by auto
lemma wm_to_state_works_for_wf_wm_closed:
"wf_world_model M \<Longrightarrow> fmla\<in>close_world M \<Longrightarrow> close_eq (wm_to_state M) \<Turnstile> fmla"
apply (cases fmla rule: wf_fmla_atom.cases)
by (auto simp: wf_world_model_def close_eq_def wm_to_state_def close_world_def)
lemma wm_to_state_works_for_wf_wm: "wf_world_model M \<Longrightarrow> fmla\<in>M \<Longrightarrow> close_eq (wm_to_state M) \<Turnstile> fmla"
apply (cases fmla rule: wf_fmla_atom.cases)
by (auto simp: wf_world_model_def close_eq_def wm_to_state_def)
lemma wm_to_state_works_for_I_closed:
assumes "x \<in> close_world I"
shows "close_eq (wm_to_state I) \<Turnstile> x"
apply (rule wm_to_state_works_for_wf_wm_closed)
using assms wf_I by auto
lemma wf_wm_imp_basic: "wf_world_model M \<Longrightarrow> wm_basic M"
by (auto simp: wf_world_model_def wm_basic_def wf_fmla_atm_is_atom)
theorem wf_plan_sound_system:
assumes "\<forall>\<pi>\<in> set \<pi>s. wf_plan_action \<pi>"
shows "sound_system
(set (map resolve_instantiate \<pi>s))
(wm_to_state I)
((\<lambda>\<alpha>. pddl_opr_to_act \<alpha>))"
unfolding sound_system_def
proof(intro conjI ballI)
show "close_eq(wm_to_state I) \<Turnstile> x" if "x \<in> close_world I" for x
using that[unfolded in_close_world_conv]
wm_to_state_works_for_I_closed wm_to_state_works_for_wf_wm
by (auto simp: wf_I)
show "wm_basic I" using wf_wm_imp_basic[OF wf_I] .
show "sound_opr \<alpha> (pddl_opr_to_act \<alpha>)" if "\<alpha> \<in> set (map resolve_instantiate \<pi>s)" for \<alpha>
using that
using wf_plan_act_is_sound' assms
by auto
theorem wf_plan_soundness_theorem:
assumes "plan_action_path I \<pi>s M"
defines "\<alpha>s \<equiv> map (pddl_opr_to_act \<circ> resolve_instantiate) \<pi>s"
defines "s\<^sub>0 \<equiv> wm_to_state I"
shows "\<exists>s'. compose_actions \<alpha>s s\<^sub>0 = Some s' \<and> (\<forall>\<phi>\<in>close_world M. s' \<Turnstile>\<^sub>= \<phi>)"
apply (rule STRIPS_sema_sound)
apply (rule wf_plan_sound_system)
using assms
unfolding plan_action_path_def
by (auto simp add: image_def)
end \<comment> \<open>Context of \<open>wf_ast_problem\<close>\<close>
theory Option_Monad_Add
imports "HOL-Library.Monad_Syntax"
definition "oassert \<Phi> \<equiv> if \<Phi> then Some () else None"
fun omap :: "('a\<rightharpoonup>'b) \<Rightarrow> 'a list \<rightharpoonup> 'b list" where
"omap f [] = Some []"
| "omap f (x#xs) = do { y \<leftarrow> f x; ys \<leftarrow> omap f xs; Some (y#ys) }"
lemma omap_cong[fundef_cong]:
assumes "\<And>x. x\<in>set l' \<Longrightarrow> f x = f' x"
assumes "l=l'"
shows "omap f l = omap f' l'"
unfolding assms(2) using assms(1) by (induction l') (auto)
lemma assert_eq_iff[simp]:
"oassert \<Phi> = None \<longleftrightarrow> \<not>\<Phi>"
"oassert \<Phi> = Some u \<longleftrightarrow> \<Phi>"
unfolding oassert_def by auto
lemma omap_length[simp]: "omap f l = Some l' \<Longrightarrow> length l' = length l"
apply (induction l arbitrary: l')
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits)
lemma omap_append[simp]: "omap f (xs@ys) = do {xs \<leftarrow> omap f xs; ys \<leftarrow> omap f ys; Some (xs@ys)}"
by (induction xs) (auto)
lemma omap_alt: "omap f l = Some l' \<longleftrightarrow> (l' = map (the o f) l \<and> (\<forall>x\<in>set l. f x \<noteq> None))"
apply (induction l arbitrary: l')
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits)
lemma omap_alt_None: "omap f l = None \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>x\<in>set l. f x = None)"
apply (induction l)
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits)
lemma omap_nth: "\<lbrakk>omap f l = Some l'; i<length l\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> f (l!i) = Some (l'!i)"
apply (induction l arbitrary: l' i)
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits simp: nth_Cons split: nat.splits)
lemma omap_eq_Nil_conv[simp]: "omap f xs = Some [] \<longleftrightarrow> xs=[]"
apply (cases xs)
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits)
lemma omap_eq_Cons_conv[simp]: "omap f xs = Some (y#ys') \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>x xs'. xs=x#xs' \<and> f x = Some y \<and> omap f xs' = Some ys')"
apply (cases xs)
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits)
lemma omap_eq_append_conv[simp]: "omap f xs = Some (ys\<^sub>1@ys\<^sub>2) \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>xs\<^sub>1 xs\<^sub>2. xs=xs\<^sub>1@xs\<^sub>2 \<and> omap f xs\<^sub>1 = Some ys\<^sub>1 \<and> omap f xs\<^sub>2 = Some ys\<^sub>2)"
apply (induction ys\<^sub>1 arbitrary: xs)
apply (auto 0 3 split: Option.bind_splits)
apply (metis append_Cons)
lemma omap_list_all2_conv: "omap f xs = Some ys \<longleftrightarrow> (list_all2 (\<lambda>x y. f x = Some y)) xs ys"
apply (induction xs arbitrary: ys)
apply (auto split: Option.bind_splits simp: )
apply (simp add: list_all2_Cons1)
apply (simp add: list_all2_Cons1)
apply (simp add: list_all2_Cons1)
apply clarsimp
by (metis option.inject)
fun omap_option where
"omap_option f None = Some None"
| "omap_option f (Some x) = do { x \<leftarrow> f x; Some (Some x) }"
lemma omap_option_conv:
"omap_option f xx = None \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>x. xx=Some x \<and> f x = None)"
"omap_option f xx = (Some (Some x')) \<longleftrightarrow> (\<exists>x. xx=Some x \<and> f x = Some x')"
"omap_option f xx = (Some None) \<longleftrightarrow> xx=None"
by (cases xx;auto split: Option.bind_splits)+
lemma omap_option_eq: "omap_option f x = (case x of None \<Rightarrow> Some None | Some x \<Rightarrow> do { x \<leftarrow> f x; Some (Some x) })"
by (auto split: option.split)
fun omap_prod where
"omap_prod f\<^sub>1 f\<^sub>2 (a,b) = do { a\<leftarrow>f\<^sub>1 a; b\<leftarrow>f\<^sub>2 b; Some (a,b) }"
(* Extend map function for datatype to option monad.
TODO: Show reasonable lemmas, like parametricity, etc.
Hopefully only depending on BNF-property of datatype
definition "omap_dt setf mapf f obj \<equiv> do {
oassert (\<forall>x\<in>setf obj. f x \<noteq> None);
Some (mapf (the o f) obj)
section \<open>Executable PDDL Checker\<close>
theory PDDL_STRIPS_Checker
(*"HOL-Library.Code_Char" TODO: This might lead to performance loss! CHECK! *)
subsection \<open>Generic DFS Reachability Checker\<close>
text \<open>Used for subtype checks\<close>
definition "E_of_succ succ \<equiv> { (u,v). v\<in>set (succ u) }"
lemma succ_as_E: "set (succ x) = E_of_succ succ `` {x}"
unfolding E_of_succ_def by auto
fixes succ :: "'a \<Rightarrow> 'a list"
private abbreviation (input) "E \<equiv> E_of_succ succ"
definition "dfs_reachable D w \<equiv>
let (V,w,brk) = while (\<lambda>(V,w,brk). \<not>brk \<and> w\<noteq>[]) (\<lambda>(V,w,_).
case w of v#w \<Rightarrow>
if D v then (V,v#w,True)
else if v\<in>V then (V,w,False)
let V = insert v V in
let w = succ v @ w in
) ({},w,False)