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more proof tidying

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......@@ -847,6 +847,12 @@ lemma \<omega>_power_imp_eq:
shows "\<beta> + \<omega>\<up>\<delta> = \<omega>\<up>\<delta>"
by (simp add: assms indecomposable_\<omega>_power indecomposable_imp_eq)
lemma mult_oexp_indec: "\<lbrakk>Ord \<alpha>; Limit \<mu>; indecomposable \<mu>\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> \<alpha> * (\<alpha> \<up> \<mu>) = (\<alpha> \<up> \<mu>)"
by (metis Limit_def Ord_1 OrdmemD indecomposable_imp_eq oexp_1_right oexp_add one_V_def)
lemma mult_oexp_\<omega>: "Ord \<alpha> \<Longrightarrow> \<alpha> * (\<alpha> \<up> \<omega>) = (\<alpha> \<up> \<omega>)"
by (metis Ord_1 Ord_\<omega> oexp_1_right oexp_add one_plus_\<omega>_equals_\<omega>)
lemma type_imp_indecomposable:
assumes \<alpha>: "Ord \<alpha>"
and minor: "\<And>X. X \<subseteq> elts \<alpha> \<Longrightarrow> ordertype X VWF = \<alpha> \<or> ordertype (elts \<alpha> - X) VWF = \<alpha>"
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