Commit 2248b7e0 authored by Rene Thiemann's avatar Rene Thiemann
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fixed proof

parent 107ecc8216a8
......@@ -185,7 +185,9 @@ function FindPreHNF :: "bool \<Rightarrow> int \<Rightarrow> int mat \<Rightarro
(A_UL,A_UR,A_DL,A_DR) = split_block (Reduce 0 non_zero_positions D (make_first_column_positive A')) 1 1;
sub_PreHNF = FindPreHNF abs_flag D A_DR in
four_block_mat A_UL A_UR A_DL sub_PreHNF)"
by auto termination
by pat_completeness auto
proof (relation "Wellfounded.measure (\<lambda>(abs_flag,D,A). dim_col A)")
show "wf (Wellfounded.measure (\<lambda>(abs_flag,D, A). dim_col A))" by auto
fix abs_flag D A m n nz A' R xd A'_UL y A'_UR ya A'_DL A'_DR
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