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explain avoidance of $AFP within the AFP

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......@@ -47,21 +47,30 @@ working with the development version of Isabelle, the file is simply
You can now refer to article <code>ABC</code> from the AFP in some theory of
yours via</p>
<p><code>imports "$AFP/ABC/Some_ABC_Theory"</code></p>
imports "$AFP/ABC/Some_ABC_Theory"
<p>This allows you to distribute your material separately from any AFP
theories. Users of your distribution also need to install the AFP in the above
Example: you are using Isabelle2013, and have downloaded your afp directory to
<code>/home/myself/afp</code>. You would add the line
<code>/home/myself/afp</code> to the file
<code>~/.isabelle/Isabelle2013/etc/components</code>. Note that shell expansion,
e.g. <code>~/afp</code>, will not work in this file.
Note that referring to another AFP entry from <strong>inside an AFP
entry</strong> is much easier: just use
imports "../ABC/Some_ABC_Theory"
in your theory. This is the preferred
method for working inside the AFP.
</td></tr> </tbody> </table>
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