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sshiftr/bl lemmas by Florian Märkl

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......@@ -2191,4 +2191,128 @@ proof -
by simp
text\<open>Some auxiliaries for sign-shifting by the entire word length or more\<close>
lemma sshiftr_clamp_pos:
"LENGTH('a) \<le> n"
"0 \<le> sint x"
shows "(x::'a::len word) >>> n = 0"
apply (rule word_sint.Rep_eqD)
apply (unfold sshiftr_div_2n Word.sint_0)
apply (rule div_pos_pos_trivial)
subgoal using assms(2) .
apply (rule order.strict_trans[where b="2 ^ (LENGTH('a) - 1)"])
using sint_lt assms(1) by auto
lemma sshiftr_clamp_neg:
"LENGTH('a) \<le> n"
"sint x < 0"
shows "(x::'a::len word) >>> n = -1"
proof -
have *: "- (2 ^ n) < sint x"
apply (rule order.strict_trans2[where b="- (2 ^ (LENGTH('a) - 1))"])
using assms(1) sint_ge by auto
show ?thesis
apply (rule word_sint.Rep_eqD)
apply (unfold sshiftr_div_2n Word.sint_n1)
apply (subst div_minus_minus[symmetric])
apply (rule div_pos_neg_trivial)
subgoal using assms(2) by linarith
using * by simp
lemma sshiftr_clamp:
assumes "LENGTH('a) \<le> n"
shows "(x::'a::len word) >>> n = x >>> LENGTH('a)"
apply (cases "0 \<le> sint x")
apply (subst sshiftr_clamp_pos[OF assms])
defer apply (subst sshiftr_clamp_pos)
by auto
apply (subst sshiftr_clamp_neg[OF assms])
defer apply (subst sshiftr_clamp_neg)
by auto
Like @{thm shiftr1_bl_of}, but the precondition is stronger because we need to pick the msb out of
the list.
lemma sshiftr1_bl_of:
"length bl = LENGTH('a) \<Longrightarrow>
sshiftr1 (of_bl bl::'a::len word) = of_bl (hd bl # butlast bl)"
apply (rule word_bl.Rep_eqD)
apply (subst bl_sshiftr1[of "of_bl bl :: 'a word"])
by (simp add: word_bl.Abs_inverse)
Like @{thm sshiftr1_bl_of}, with a weaker precondition.
We still get a direct equation for @{term \<open>sshiftr1 (of_bl bl)\<close>}, it's just uglier.
lemma sshiftr1_bl_of':
"LENGTH('a) \<le> length bl \<Longrightarrow>
sshiftr1 (of_bl bl::'a::len word) =
of_bl (hd (drop (length bl - LENGTH('a)) bl) # butlast (drop (length bl - LENGTH('a)) bl))"
apply (subst of_bl_drop'[symmetric, of "length bl - LENGTH('a)"])
using sshiftr1_bl_of[of "drop (length bl - LENGTH('a)) bl"]
by auto
Like @{thm shiftr_bl_of}.
lemma sshiftr_bl_of:
assumes "length bl = LENGTH('a)"
shows "(of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> n = of_bl (replicate n (hd bl) @ take (length bl - n) bl)"
proof -
fix n
assume "n \<le> LENGTH('a)"
hence "(of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> n = of_bl (replicate n (hd bl) @ take (length bl - n) bl)"
proof (induction n)
case (Suc n)
hence "n < length bl" by (simp add: assms)
hence ne: "\<not>take (length bl - n) bl = []" by auto
have left: "hd (replicate n (hd bl) @ take (length bl - n) bl) = (hd bl)"
by (cases "0 < n") auto
have right: "butlast (take (length bl - n) bl) = take (length bl - Suc n) bl"
by (subst butlast_take) auto
have "(of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> Suc n = sshiftr1 ((of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> n)"
unfolding sshiftr_eq_funpow_sshiftr1 by simp
also have "\<dots> = of_bl (replicate (Suc n) (hd bl) @ take (length bl - Suc n) bl)"
apply (subst Suc.IH[OF Suc_leD[OF Suc.prems]])
apply (subst sshiftr1_bl_of)
subgoal using assms Suc.prems by simp
apply (rule arg_cong[where f=of_bl])
apply (subst butlast_append)
unfolding left right using ne by simp
finally show ?case .
qed (transfer, simp)
note pos = this
assume n: "LENGTH('a) \<le> n"
have "(of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> n = (of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> LENGTH('a)"
by (rule sshiftr_clamp[OF n])
also have "\<dots> = of_bl (replicate LENGTH('a) (hd bl) @ take (length bl - LENGTH('a)) bl)"
apply (rule pos) ..
also have "\<dots> = of_bl (replicate n (hd bl) @ take (length bl - n) bl)"
proof -
have "(of_bl (replicate LENGTH('a) (hd bl)) :: 'a word) = of_bl (replicate n (hd bl))"
apply (subst of_bl_drop'[symmetric, of "n - LENGTH('a)" "replicate n (hd bl)"])
unfolding length_replicate by (auto simp: n)
thus ?thesis by (simp add: assms n)
finally have "(of_bl bl::'a::len word) >>> n
= of_bl (replicate n (hd bl) @ take (length bl - n) bl)" .
thus ?thesis using pos by fastforce
text\<open>Like @{thm shiftr_bl}\<close>
lemma sshiftr_bl: "x >>> n \<equiv> of_bl (replicate n (msb x) @ take (LENGTH('a) - n) (to_bl x))"
for x :: "'a::len word"
unfolding word_msb_alt
by (smt (z3) length_to_bl_eq sshiftr_bl_of word_bl.Rep_inverse)
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