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Commit 842ef174 authored by Lawrence Paulson's avatar Lawrence Paulson
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neater proof

parent 7d6c6b7a5cd8
......@@ -88,23 +88,20 @@ lemma init_segment_empty [iff]: "init_segment {} S"
lemma init_segment_insert_iff:
assumes Sn: "less_sets S {n}" and TS: "\<And>x. x \<in> T-S \<Longrightarrow> n\<le>x"
shows "init_segment (insert n S) T \<longleftrightarrow> init_segment S T \<and> n \<in> T"
proof safe
assume L: "init_segment (insert n S) T"
assume "init_segment (insert n S) T"
then have "init_segment ({n} \<union> S) T"
by auto
then show "init_segment S T"
by (metis (no_types) Sn init_segment_Un init_segment_trans sup.commute)
show "n \<in> T"
using L by (auto simp: init_segment_def)
then show "init_segment S T \<and> n \<in> T"
by (metis Sn Un_iff init_segment_def init_segment_trans insertI1 sup_commute)
assume "init_segment S T" "n \<in> T"
then obtain S' where S': "T = S \<union> S'" "less_sets S S'"
assume rhs: "init_segment S T \<and> n \<in> T"
then obtain R where R: "T = S \<union> R" "less_sets S R"
by (auto simp: init_segment_def less_sets_def)
then have "S \<union> S' = insert n (S \<union> (S' - {n})) \<and>
less_sets (insert n S) (S' - {n})"
unfolding less_sets_def using \<open>n \<in> T\<close> TS nat_less_le by auto
then have "S\<union>R = insert n (S \<union> (R-{n})) \<and> less_sets (insert n S) (R-{n})"
unfolding less_sets_def using rhs TS nat_less_le by auto
then show "init_segment (insert n S) T"
using S'(1) init_segment_Un by force
using R init_segment_Un by force
lemma init_segment_insert:
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