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......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ qed
text \<open>the main theorem, from which they derive the headline result\<close>
theorem Erdos_Milner_aux:
assumes part: "partn_lst_VWF \<alpha> [ord_of_nat k, \<gamma>] 2"
assumes part: "partn_lst_VWF \<alpha> [k, \<gamma>] 2"
and indec: "indecomposable \<alpha>" and "k > 1" "Ord \<gamma>" and \<beta>: "\<beta> \<in> elts \<omega>1"
shows "partn_lst_VWF (\<alpha>*\<beta>) [ord_of_nat (2*k), min \<gamma> (\<omega>*\<beta>)] 2"
proof (cases "\<alpha>\<le>1 \<or> \<beta>=0")
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