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......@@ -1137,33 +1137,6 @@ Miscellanous settings.
* ``All values``: use all available ISO speeds, in 1/8 EV steps
* ``100x, 160x``: use only native ISOs (multiples of 100) and ISO values with lower digital gain (multiples of 160).
**LV Metering Override**
Experimental metering methods for stills in LiveView:
* ``Default``: disable this feature (use default Canon metering).
* ``Spotmeter``: meter the image so that `spotmeter`_ shows around 50%.
* ``CenteredHist``: center the histogram. In high-contrast scenes, the amounts of underexposed and overexposed pixels will be equal.
* ``HighlightPri``: highlight priority:
- In low-contrast scenes, it will expose to the right without overexposing.
- In high-contrast scenes, it will allow 5x more underexposed pixels than overexposed. If this is not possible, it will overexpose the highlights.
* ``NoOverexpose``: this will avoid overexposure, but will underexpose a lot in high-contrast scenes.
This feature only works in ``P``, ``Av`` and ``Tv`` modes.
These metering methods are implemented by changing the exposure compensation parameter on the fly. This results in the following limitations:
* You can't use exposure compensation with any of these metering methods.
* The metering result will have a maximum difference of +/- 5 EV from Canon's metering result.
Other limitations:
* Only the luma (Y) channel is checked for overexposure. Individual channels (R, G or B) may still be overexposed without any warning.
* It may take a few seconds until the metering result is locked. This happens because LiveView display is not updated instantly when the exposure changes, and therefore ML has to wait a bit before reading the image brightness.
* It's not reliable under dynamic scenes; it should work for landscapes :)
.. _zoom in Face Detect mode:
**LiveView Zoom: x5 / x10 / :-)**
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