Commit 15b70097 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU tests: updated IDC "needle" for 200D

(should have been done in 2aacd2ae9274)

branch : qemu
parent 4ce02efd2fb1
1e525bfb6ae068f3ee97c71f97296196 calls-from.log
be5875446089e3cc3468e9af1b1c36cf calls-from.idc
fa717515f4ca0928c0668047725fa431 calls-from.idc
099a47048e67419b07e9e67faad99846 calls-from-basic.log
dc0ae472baec4090cc73889a06351bda calls-from-basic.idc
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