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QEMU install: print fewer help details after installation; link to the online documentation

branch : qemu
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......@@ -397,15 +397,12 @@ echo
echo " For models that use a serial flash, you may have to dump its contents"
echo " using the sf_dump module, then copy SFDATA.BIN as well."
echo "3) Mount the included SD (or CF) image (you may use"
echo " and install ML on it, as usual. The card image must be bootable as well."
echo "3) Install Magic Lantern on your SD/CF card image:"
echo " The included card image is bootable and contains a small autoexec.bin"
echo " that runs on all DIGIC 4/5 cameras and prints some basic info."
echo " make -C ../magic-lantern 60D_install_qemu "
echo " To create your own SD/CF image, you need to copy the raw contents"
echo " of the entire card, not just one partition. For example:"
echo " dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=sd.img"
echo " The included card image is bootable and contains a small autoexec.bin"
echo " that runs on all supported EOS cameras and prints some basic info."
echo "4) Start emulation with:"
......@@ -427,17 +424,12 @@ echo " ./ 60D -d io,int"
echo " - to show the executed ASM code, step by step, use:"
echo " ./ 60D -d exec,int -singlestep"
echo " - to trace debug messages and various functions in the firmware, use:"
echo " ./ 60D -s -S & arm-none-eabi-gdb -x 60D/debugmsg.gdb"
echo " - if the above is too slow, compile the dm-spy-experiments branch "
echo " ./ 60D,firmware=\"boot=1\" -d io,int"
echo " ./ 60D -d debugmsg -s -S & arm-none-eabi-gdb -x 60D/debugmsg.gdb"
echo " - some camera models require GDB patches to bypass tricky code sequences:"
echo " ./ 700D -s -S & arm-none-eabi-gdb -x 700D/patches.gdb"
echo " - to trace all function calls and export them to IDA:"
echo " ./ 60D -d calls -singlestep"
echo " - you may enable additional debug code (such as printing to QEMU console)"
echo " by compiling ML with CONFIG_QEMU=y in your Makefile.user (also run make clean)."
echo " - caveat: you cannot run autoexec.bin compiled with CONFIG_QEMU on the camera."
echo "Online documentation: "
echo ""
echo "Enjoy!"
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