Commit 2708173b authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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1300D: use AllocateMemory boot with cache hacks for all targets

(experimental; finally can compile installer and minimal test code)

branch : 1300D
parent eb8e2d304f31
......@@ -7,15 +7,7 @@ FIRMWARE_ID = 0x80000404
# the only DIGIC 4 model with 32MB ROM
# For small targets (minimal, installer):
# Load ML at user_mem_start (aka heap start / DRY_HEAP_START / malloc memory pool)
# The malloc memory pool will be pushed to the right, so it will start after our BSS.
# Default 0xBF400 - 0x14B400, patched to _bss_end - 0x14B400 (variable size).
# note: unusual initialization sequence; will require custom patching code or different boot method.
ifeq ($(ML_SRC_PROFILE),generic)
# Load ML at the end of the AllocateMemory pool
# Default 0x2D0000 - 0xD00000, patched to 0x2D0000 - 0xC80000 (512K for us).
ML_BOOT_OBJ = boot-d45-ch.o
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