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Commit 2b72e5e7 authored by Daniel Fort's avatar Daniel Fort
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650D has the same audio meters issue as the 700D -- needs the same fix.

branch : unified_650D_audio_meters_fix
parent 08720b28c58d
......@@ -82,12 +82,12 @@ NSTUB(0xFF108E98, SetNextASIFADCBuffer)
NSTUB(0xFF108F4C, SetNextASIFDACBuffer)
NSTUB(0xFF132D30, SetSamplingRate)
NSTUB(0xFF10AEBC, SoundDevActiveIn)
NSTUB(0xFF10B0D8, SoundDevShutDownIn)
// NSTUB(0xFF1088E0, StopASIFDMAADC) /* breaks the audio meters */
// NSTUB(0xFF10B0D8, SoundDevShutDownIn) /* breaks the audio meters */
// NSTUB( ???, SetASIFMode) /* present on 700D.113 */
// NSTUB( ???, StopASIFDMAADC) /* present on 7D.203, 6D.113, EOSM.202 */
/** Audio **/
NSTUB( 0x239E4, sounddev)
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