Commit 38f9f94e authored by Albert Shih's avatar Albert Shih
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mlv_play: proper black level for MLV playback

branch : mlv_play
parent 8eab7db10953
......@@ -1801,6 +1801,9 @@ static void mlv_play_mlv(char *filename, FILE **chunk_files, uint32_t chunk_coun
buffer->xRes = rawi_block.xRes;
buffer->yRes = rawi_block.yRes;
buffer->bitDepth = rawi_block.raw_info.bits_per_pixel;
raw_info.black_level = rawi_block.raw_info.black_level;
raw_info.white_level = rawi_block.raw_info.white_level;
if (mlv_play_exact_fps)
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