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Commit 405595e2 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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selftest: fine-tuned comments and strings

branch : backtrace
parent f3f43d407874
......@@ -1893,8 +1893,12 @@ static void alloc_1M_task()
/* after a few calls, this will fail with ERR70 */
void * ptr = _AllocateMemory(1024 * 1024);
/* do something with "ptr" to prevent a tail call (to test the stack trace) */
printf("Alloc 1MB from sys mem => %x\n", ptr);
/* do not free it */
......@@ -1998,19 +2002,19 @@ static struct menu_entry selftest_menu[] =
.select = run_in_separate_task,
.priv = frozen_task,
.help = "Creates a task which will become stuck in an infinite loop.",
.help2 = "DryOS tasks with priority <= 0x1A will no longer be able to run.",
.help2 = "Low priority tasks (prio >= 0x1A) will no longer be able to run.",
.name = "Freeze GUI task",
.name = "Freeze the GUI task",
.select = freeze_gui_task,
.help = "Freezes main GUI task. Camera will stop reacting to buttons.",
.name = "Lock-up ARM CPU",
.name = "Lock-up the ARM CPU",
.select = run_in_separate_task,
.priv = lockup_task,
.help = "Creates a task which will clear the interrupts and execute while(1).",
.help2 = "Anything still running after that would be either secondary CPUs or hardware.",
.help2 = "Anything still running after that would be secondary CPUs or hardware.",
.name = "Division by zero",
......@@ -2019,7 +2023,7 @@ static struct menu_entry selftest_menu[] =
.help = "Performs some math operations which will divide by zero.",
.name = "Allocate 1MB of RAM",
.name = "Allocate 1MB of system RAM",
.select = run_in_separate_task,
.priv = alloc_1M_task,
.help = "Allocates 1MB RAM from system memory, without freeing it.",
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