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Commit 4067694f authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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qemu-frsp: ensure valid exposure settings before the test

(exposure time not too long, ISO other than Auto; required on 600D and others)

branch : qemu
parent 205681527661
9bbf9df02ae9e3262a56283c032fcd98 frsp.ppm
......@@ -106,11 +106,19 @@ copy_and_restart( int offset )
extern void _prop_request_change(unsigned property, const void* addr, size_t len);
static void run_test()
/* clear the screen - hopefully nobody will overwrite us */
/* make sure we've got some sane exposure settings */
int iso = ISO_100;
int shutter = SHUTTER_1_50;
_prop_request_change(PROP_ISO, &iso, 4);
_prop_request_change(PROP_SHUTTER, &shutter, 4);
/* capture a full-res silent picture */
/* (on real camera, you won't see anything, unless you start in LV PLAY mode */
void* job = (void*) call("FA_CreateTestImage");
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