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Commit 437f82d4 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU tests: ignore nondeterministic screenshot on 6D

(may appear with or without free space)

branch : qemu
parent af1b0dc5bfea
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ b2ba2e446dbe46c8810709161123bb72 menu14.png
78f4fae6c4d9d6937bf33cc9dc696481 menu17.png
be8651ae6f9f7ebab22aa4454072b342 menu18.png
2b912194b1fe3b4248ef2cfdd3939a07 menu19.png
cb5bf68c924f23dcadd90276a9ee0203 menu20.png
83957b89e7ac4d8b84231e070e192a39 menu21.png
c76279ced1756b1526ee0d4f513e2d30 menu22.png
a81b5f4b318a0c66f82dda82f5050bbc menu23.png
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