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Commit 456e7955 authored by g3gg0's avatar g3gg0
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io_crypt: added 50D, please test

branch : unified
parent 8deee21b7c92
......@@ -908,6 +908,13 @@ static unsigned int iocrypt_init()
iodev_ctx = 0x7C278;
iodev_ctx_size = 0x20;
else if(streq(camera_model_short, "50D"))
trace_write(iocrypt_trace_ctx, "io_crypt: Detected 50D");
iodev_table = 0x1F208;
iodev_ctx = 0x49A64;
iodev_ctx_size = 0x18;
NotifyBox(2000, "io_crypt: Camera unsupported");
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