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Commit 472bc4f0 authored by hudson@kremvax.wan's avatar hudson@kremvax.wan
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All symbols located?

parent 9ac3c73dfc29
......@@ -108,3 +108,21 @@ NSTUB( 0xFFA413FC, vram_get_number )
NSTUB( 0xFF8773A4, task_trampoline )
NSTUB( 0x208A4, cf_device )
NSTUB( 0x2BA0, dm_names )
NSTUB( 0xFFA6BE34, gui_task_destroy )
NSTUB( 0xFF82399C, gui_main_task )
NSTUB( 0xFF82434C, gui_init_end )
NSTUB( 0x38F0, gui_timer_struct )
NSTUB( 0x1C4C, gui_main_struct )
NSTUB( 0xFF86D96C, msg_queue_receive )
NSTUB( 0xFF891BA0, gui_local_post )
NSTUB( 0xFF8916FC, gui_change_mode )
NSTUB( 0xFF891F98, gui_other_post )
NSTUB( 0xFF8921F0, gui_post_10000085 )
NSTUB( 0xFF892830, gui_init_event )
NSTUB( 0xFF8922A4, gui_change_shoot_type_post )
NSTUB( 0xFF89233C, gui_change_lcd_state_post )
NSTUB( 0xFFA6BBC4, ctrlman_dispatch_event )
NSTUB( 0xFF890188, gui_massive_event_loop )
NSTUB( 0xFF9B3910, gui_timer_something )
NSTUB( 0xFFCB48CC, audio_thresholds )
NSTUB( 0xFF85B438, sounddev_active_in )
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