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Commit 484863cb authored by a1ex's avatar a1ex
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Fixed RedrawDisplay stub and flipped screen bug

branch : unified
parent 15b4000647c7
......@@ -190,7 +190,9 @@ NSTUB( 0xff234fcc, ChangeColorPalette )
NSTUB( 0xFF33BF7C, MirrorDisplay )
NSTUB( 0xFF33BFDC, NormalDisplay )
NSTUB( 0xFF33BFAC, RedrawDisplay ) // Reverse
NSTUB( 0xFF33BFAC, ReverseDisplay )
NSTUB( 0xff33a734, RedrawDisplay )
NSTUB( 0xFF018C74, strlen )
NSTUB( 0xFF082704, strcmp ) // used to cmp "akashimorino"
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