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Commit 4dee8d2c authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU: updated sd.img.xz with latest portable display test

(main change: fix identification of firmware version - 7889972483d8)

branch : qemu
parent 08d2e817b4ef
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2b3f418bb611ed1860a6636db464a1f3 disp.ppm
8c9ad0aef67bf903b1d6d961e362be1a disp.ppm
57b3abc2b07386efc864b04a0cfa4116 disp.ppm
df954bbe6bd1c09a51c305b831ddbbc3 disp.ppm
b92eea9d076ea8fb29e7e98f3f21d97c disp.ppm
73d1cca92d6fb827002ee6167a3d2703 disp.ppm
33efcd5defa1799c8b816d27868a0ec7 disp.ppm
f8e238771c49152476c1589c8a8d7b49 disp.ppm
9c4beadf7f7526d760011f0c031c57b7 disp.ppm
d7d2134f888c0f98308f0f687f492f52 disp.ppm
e05c9e59563f270acb42281c082d4e09 disp.ppm
bc1c0817d1230b33803eee72690df0b0 disp.ppm
5a2b98e1794c3a5a82814562d6895667 disp.ppm
0ad6c0bd11c05ca51ac61c584698e9d1 disp.ppm
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