Commit 577c1a44 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU tests: updated for 200D 1.0.1

branch : qemu
parent 6edfe05766c6
c26dc8e8480faf5749827a5096263136 calls-main.log
a3f4ca7a9abde5d6ce2701bc160ff8fe calls-main.log
656362cdb566fc62b583985a2f76387d calls-main.idc
039e8b540df92ffba5edd4958c65fdde calls-main-basic.log
26b421a65040a7309e4ac5fe51533e4d calls-main-basic.log
1feea5839d655ec93ef72e2b02cd9a26 calls-main-basic.idc
3985d72affc023d28bfe390ff56ef59b disp.ppm
cfb5b77e82d6523d38ddd942b8d18e1e disp.ppm
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