Commit 5c1c2467 authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU fix null byte warning when parsing model list

(bash 4.4 and newer? )

branch : qemu
parent 6e86e2b587a2
......@@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ echo
echo " This will recompile QEMU, but not ML."
echo " Note: Canon GUI emulation (menu navigation, no LiveView) only works on:"
echo -n " "; echo $($GREP --color=never -oPz "(?<=GUI_CAMS=\( )[^()]*(?=\))" tests/;
echo -n " "; echo $($GREP --color=never -oPz "(?<=GUI_CAMS=\( )[^()]*(?=\))" tests/ | tr '\0' '\n');
echo "5) Tips & tricks:"
echo " - to enable or disable the boot flag in ROM, use something like:"
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