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api_test.lua: bring back the camera printf's (they provide additional info...

api_test.lua: bring back the camera printf's (they provide additional info over the generic test, such as formatting exposure values)

branch : lua_fix
parent 18bf2d7206eb
......@@ -57,6 +57,21 @@ function api_tests()
printf("Testing module 'camera'...")
printf("Camera : %s (%s) %s", camera.model, camera.model_short, camera.firmware)
printf("Lens : %s",
printf("Shoot mode: %s", camera.mode)
printf("Shutter : %s (raw %s, %ss, %sms, apex %s)", camera.shutter, camera.shutter.raw, camera.shutter.value,, camera.shutter.apex)
printf("Aperture : %s (raw %s, f/%s, apex %s)", camera.aperture, camera.aperture.raw, camera.aperture.value, camera.aperture.apex)
printf("Av range : %s..%s (raw %s..%s, f/%s..f/%s, apex %s..%s)",
camera.aperture.min, camera.aperture.max,
camera.aperture.min.raw, camera.aperture.max.raw,
camera.aperture.min.value, camera.aperture.max.value,
camera.aperture.min.apex, camera.aperture.max.apex
printf("ISO : %s (raw %s, %s, apex %s)", camera.iso, camera.iso.raw, camera.iso.value, camera.iso.apex)
printf("EC : %s (raw %s, %s EV)",,,
printf("Flash EC : %s (raw %s, %s EV)", camera.flash_ec, camera.flash_ec.raw, camera.flash_ec.value)
request_mode(MODE.M, "M")
printf("Setting shutter to random values...")
for k = 1,100 do
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