Commit 6e2bdc1c authored by alex@thinkpad's avatar alex@thinkpad
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QEMU test suite: updated for latest ROM dumper

- now working on all EOS models
- always update to latest version
- allow RESCUE.LOG alongside with the ROM dumps
- report extra files on the SD card, if any

branch : qemu
parent c4d7af4fab89
......@@ -1356,11 +1356,10 @@ ROM_DUMPER_BIN=tests/test-progs/portable-rom-dumper/autoexec.bin
mkdir -p $TMP
rm -f $TMP/*
if [ ! -f $ROM_DUMPER_BIN ]; then
mkdir -p `dirname $ROM_DUMPER_BIN`
wget -q -O $ROM_DUMPER_BIN
mkdir -p `dirname $ROM_DUMPER_BIN`
wget -q -O $ROM_DUMPER_BIN
# we don't know whether the camera will use SD or CF, so prepare both
mcopy -o -i $MSD $ROM_DUMPER_BIN ::
......@@ -1424,23 +1423,19 @@ function check_rom_md5 {
if mdir -i $MCF ::ROM* &> /dev/null; then mdel -i $MCF ::ROM*; fi
if mdir -i $MSD ::SFDATA* &> /dev/null; then mdel -i $MSD ::SFDATA*; fi
if mdir -i $MCF ::SFDATA* &> /dev/null; then mdel -i $MCF ::SFDATA*; fi
if mdir -i $MSD ::RESCUE.LOG &> /dev/null; then mdel -i $MSD ::RESCUE.LOG; fi
if mdir -i $MCF ::RESCUE.LOG &> /dev/null; then mdel -i $MCF ::RESCUE.LOG; fi
# check whether other files were created/modified (shouldn't be any)
mdir -i $MSD > $TMP/sd2.lst
mdir -i $MCF > $TMP/cf2.lst
diff -q $TMP/sd.lst $TMP/sd2.lst
diff -q $TMP/cf.lst $TMP/cf2.lst
diff -u $TMP/sd.lst $TMP/sd2.lst
diff -u $TMP/cf.lst $TMP/cf2.lst
# Most EOS cameras should run the portable ROM dumper.
function test_romdump {
# The dumper requires the "Open file for write" string present in the firmware.
if ! grep -q "Open file for write" $CAM/ROM[01].BIN ; then
echo "skipping"
# make sure there are no ROM files on the card
if mdir -i $MSD ::ROM* &> /dev/null; then
echo "Error: SD image already contains ROM dumps."
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