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Commit 78763d91 authored by Daniel Fort's avatar Daniel Fort
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Fixed is_taskid_valid stub.

branch : update-to-700D.115
parent 0b141cdca777
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ NSTUB(0xFFA63290 - RAM_OFFSET, take_semaphore)
/** Task info **/
NSTUB( 0x247B0, task_max)
NSTUB(0xFFA76A4C - RAM_OFFSET, is_taskid_valid)
NSTUB(0xFFA768E4 - RAM_OFFSET, is_taskid_valid)
NSTUB( 0x233DC, current_task)
NSTUB( 0x674, current_interrupt) // in interrupt handler (0x18), where MEM(C0201004) is stored
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