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QEMU readme: note about models using a serial flash

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......@@ -150,7 +150,18 @@ without additional gymnastics (you will **not** have to merge ``qemu`` into your
/path/to/qemu/qemu-2.5.0$ make -j2
/path/to/qemu/qemu-2.5.0$ cd ..
Some recent camera models also use a serial flash. To list them, run this command:
.. code:: shell
cat qemu-2.5.0/hw/eos/model_list.c | grep -B 10 serial_flash_size | grep -E "\.(serial_flash_size|name) "
or just watch out for an error about missing ``SFDATA.BIN`` when trying next step.
If your camera requires a serial flash, compile the
`sf_dump module <>`_
and run it on your camera to get this file.
4. Test your installation.
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